Aluminium profile - Machining - Surface Finishing

Our Manufacturing

Based in China and managed by Laurent Hendrickx (ALUCAD CEO), our factory can fit to all your requirements.

Extrusion, machining, surface finishing, assembly and packaging...

ALUCAD is the one stop supplier that helps you to optimize the supply chain and the management fees.


We can extrude your aluminium profile from 0.040 kg/lm to several kg/lm.

Surface Finishing

The surface finishing gives you the way to bring aesthetic and protection to your product.
Anodizing and Coating are among others surface finishing that you can ask.


Cutting, Drilling, Threading, Punching, Bending, CNC tasks... All of ALUCAD’s skills and know-how are on your disposal to create or upgrade your product.

The quality of our equipment and the long experience of our team will give you the appropriate path to get a high standard finished or semi-finished product.


Beside the aluminum production, Alucad will offer you the opportunity to add the accessories you need to make your product as complete as possible.

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